The Union

Republican Union of Tourist Organisations (RUTO) was formed at the initiative of five leading tourist organisations of the Republic of Belarus as a voluntary association of commercial organisations in order to coordinate activities, protect professional interests and rights of commercial organisations engaged in tourist activities in the Republic of Belarus. The Union was registered on July 9, 2002 as a legal entity, as a nonprofit organisation.

The Union is significantly recognisable in the Republic of Belarus and Europe today. It participates in the international educational programs, decides on removing bureaucratic hurdles to business development, participates in legislative initiatives actively, which resulted in the cancellation of compulsory certification in tourism, the simplified taxation scheme for medium and small-sized business was returned, a number of taxes on tourist services was removed, TOURISM LEGISLATION is continuously adjusted in the interests of the entire tourism. It deals with specific issues of interaction and cooperation with the consular institutions of foreign countries, etc.

The Union’s Mission

Development of domestic and international tourism in the Republic of Belarus, creating and promoting a positive image of the country and its tourist attractions, carrying out activities aimed at developing and implementing of common standards for tourism activities, as well as representing and protecting the interests of the Union.

The Union activities are focused on three main areas:

  • participation in the development of legal acts regulating activities of the entities of tourist industry;
  • work with travel agencies to strengthen and consolidate the Belarusian tourist market;
  • work with the public, focused on the formation of a broad support for the development of tourism in the country.

Your suggestions for improvements of the RUTO’s work on the issues of consolidated protection of interests of the tourist business development:

  • Regarding the Charter.
  • Opinions and proposals on specific issues.
  • Issues of the Union development and its authority growth in the professional field…

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Republican Union of Tourist Organisations (RUTO)
Republic of Belarus, 220004 Minsk,
Pobediteley ave., 19, office 34
tel./fax: +375 17 226 95 08
mob.: +375 296 18 79 95
Director of the Union — Alexander Kopanev

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